Monday, August 15, 2011

Idea for future Jeep Implementation

Hey, I know I haven't done anything to my Jeep to put on here yet, but I'm a little low on cha-ching.

To ward off the hungry mob of people wanting to see a Jeep build, I had an idea that I will post here lest I forget in the future. I should replace the bar that is under the back seat with a handyman jack so I could store it out of the way of daily use. Now I should go do measuring at Fleet Farm to see if it would fit.

Other updates on my Jeep: I found out that the floor consists of rust and holes (always a plus!). I have yet to do something with anything ("anything" includes the stereo, rust, suspension, interior, skid plating, lighting, dress-up, and more!). I have found that I can get a high (so far) of about 23 mpg highway with the windows down due to a non-working AC. I also drove another Cherokee with a 2-3 inch lift and deemed it workable for daily use, but I might try to lower the seat bracket because my head is close to the door frame when I get in and could make contact very easily. I had my Jeep on a lift today and a lift like that would still look good (in my opinion) with the stock-sized tires. This way it would look better, be better off-road, and still get gas mileage that would be acceptable to use daily.

These are my thoughts; I will work towards them as money allows. Patients appreciated.

Oh, and I went to Door County with my Jeep too!