Monday, October 24, 2011

Revision Possibility

So I was on Youtube the other day watching partial episodes of the American Top Gear when I saw a review of the Ford SVT Raptor pickup. I think those trucks are pretty awesome, so I watched it. I was surprised to hear there is a new V8 that I didn't know about! So I researched it.
Apparently, they took the 5.4L modular engine platform and slid the cylinders apart a little further which accommodates a larger cylinder bore, 6.2L to be exact. The engine is said to retain many similarities to the previous modular engine including bell housing bolt pattern. That's right; you can bolt this into your Mustang, F-150, or Crown Vic! The engine is rated at 411 HP and 434 lb-ft of torque in the naturally aspirated Raptor, which is awesome for a baseline, but there is one big mistake that Ford made in upping the ante with this engine: it's only a single overhead cam engine. Now, I'm sure they will make a version that's DOHC and most likely bolt on a whipple twin screw and put it in the '14 GT500, but as it sits now on the lot, they deserve a good, old-fashioned Gibb's slap.
Before I go too far in calling them out on the SOHC-i-ness of this engine, I have a strong confidence two cams are on their way. That said, I think my previous concepts that involve a DOHC 5.4L, especially the Marauder clone, could and should be updated to be based on a 6.2L and then the requisite bore, stroke, and supercharging gamut. So now I need two people to go out and make an idiot of themselves for my benefit. One needs to blow the engine in a pristine Grand Marquis, and the other needs to obliterate a Raptor while leaving the motor in a useable condition. Ready, GO!