Saturday, December 31, 2016

Project Update: Bronco Movin'

This isn't really an update, but it was just funny.  We swapped place with the Bronco and the F-250 the other day.  The Bronco came home, and the F-250 went from storage down to a mechanic friend's house where the Bronco was.  The F-250 has a blown head gasket, nearly blown transmission, and needs some minor rust repair and front u joints.  It does also have a parasitic drain in the system which means I really should've unhooked the battery before I let it sit since February.  The battery in the Bronco is a Never Start and has been bad since before I bought it.

The F-250 pre-gasket failure.
I convinced my coworker to help move these around because he likes trucks and has a trailer to move them.  I met him at the storage spot with my Vic.  I pulled my super short jumper cables out of the trunk and went to jump the truck.  While I was cranking it, I saw a pair of better cables on the floor of the truck, so I put mine away when we got done, and loaded the truck onto the trailer.  We drove to the Bronco, and that's when our day started getting interesting.  Not only did I forget to bring gas for the Bronco, I also forgot the tire would be flat.  The trailer has no ramps, and we just 4x4 crawl things on and off.  (That'll be interesting in a later post.)  This means we're now loading a front wheel drive Bronco with next to no gas, an engine that won't rev, a stick, and a flat front tire onto a trailer, and we still need to jump it with the truck and hope we don't kill it and have to try starting either one again.

On our way to swap trucks
The pickup had just enough power left in it to start and back off the trailer.  We then used it's alternator and longer jumper cables to start the Bronco... That took a few tries.  She finally lit off, and I threw the cables and slammed hoods to move the truck out of the way while Lucas expertly loaded the Bronco in one fell flat tire swoop.  I parked the truck in the same spot.  It's a bit of a smoker though, and while we were starting the Bronco, let's just say we didn't need to worry about mosquitoes.  We were all loaded and off for home with the Bronco in tow.

We didn't run it long since the head gaskets are shot, but I guess it doesn't take much!
This picture has a trailer and an '06 F-350 in it.  Trust me.
I was covering a good 60' radius.
It was dark when we got home, and the Bronco was unhappy with us.  We filled the tire, but it wouldn't roll off the trailer.  I wound up pushing the thing down hill which it still didn't want to do, and then the driveshaft caught the trailer (because that's not hooked up).  After that, the running board was dragging on the trailer fender.  It finally came off, but our attempt at bump starting on the way down failed.  I pulled yet another set of cables out of the garage and used my mom's Escape to start it this time.  We got it home, but in about two and a half hours I used three different sets of jumper cables.  I guess we're properly prepared!  Now I just need to actually work on this thing.

Where we parked it when we got home.
Eventually, we cleaned enough garage for it to fit.
The most awesome $40 I've put into this truck yet.  Just wait 'til they're on!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I just watched the Roadkill episode with Mighty Car Mods... for the second time... in two days.  If there's one thing I can take away from that video as an absolute truth, it's the fact that those cars are super cool.  I'm just about speechless looking at them, and I'm really good at endless talking.  As is the case with many Roadkill vehicles, I'm jealous and want one for myself.  That, however, presents a small problem.

The hardest question is, "which do you like more?"
The Subarute is legitimately jaw-dropping and inspiring, but I don't want to recreate it.  Why, you ask?  Two reasons come to mind; originality and brand.  I have always wanted something personal, something I've put my stamp on, something that reflects the fact that it's mine.  I don't want a '69 Mustang Mach 1 (yes I do) that's stock (no I don't) and looks like right out of the brochure because it'll be sub-par in the performance category and it'll look like eight others at a car show or cruise night.  I want cars that say, "this is Charlie, and he built me to be perfect for him."  In the spirit of that concept, I wouldn't make my own Subarute (however tempting that may be).  I have been considering what other cool compacts I could do that to though.  I also have never owned a foreign car, and I have a pretty solid rule that I can't afford maintenance on a Subie.  It seems that perhaps a gen 1 Focus ZX5 might be a good candidate, but it could just as easily look stupid, so I think I should play it safe and just do it to a Bronco II or a 2-door Jeep Cherokee XJ... but those aren't anything near what they did.  Guess I'm not doing it.

This is pretty much Subaru perfection
This is basically Comanche perfection because it's an XJ

This brings us to the second sweet ride in the show, the '69 Impala.  They shoved that big block with the Weiand 8-71 blower into a poor, "little" '69 Impala coupe, and it was a riot to watch.  This has revitalized a flame I've had deep down for thirteen years now.  I very much want a '72 or '71 Galaxie or LTD 4-door hardtop in the glorious triple green.  I've missed out on two of these for sale for Charlie money when I should've bought them.  The first one made a huge impression with the perfect killer stance and a set of slotted mags and raised white lettered tires and no exhaust.  I pretty much want that with a slightly tighter suspension and a built drivetrain.  I've been debating what motor, but I'm pretty sure a yacht that big would love a 460 and an overdrive automatic from a late '80s rwd F-350 that'll bolt up to it.  I just want a sweet, old school daily driver that can light the tires and glide effortlessly down the highway.  Other than mileage and availability, I'm not seeing a downside!  At some point in my life, this car will happen.  Someone hold me to that.

This is everything that is right with the world.
I don't know why either.  Something is wrong in my head.
I love Roadkill, and I've seen a good deal of Mighty Car Mods, but together, they seem like a good fit.  I'd love to watch more of both of them, together or separately.  The real stand outs are the cars, in my opinion.  I love the vehicles they built and the fact that they're so over the top with parts hanging out and just random awesomeness.  This is the inspiration sometimes to find a new project and get it on the road and drive it for enjoyment and not as a pretty museum piece.  Concourse show cars have their places, just not in my driveway.  Speaking of which, I feel the need to go rip Aussie-style burnouts down that driveway.  G'Day!

But seriously, go watch this:  #BecauseRoadkill