Thursday, January 31, 2013

Full-Size Drift!

With all this talk about drifting fun cars in my previous post, I thought I'd share an even more interesting concept: a drift ex-police Crown Vic!

This one's even the same color as the one I had!
I think I've been fairly open on this blog telling you about my love of these big cruisers.  I love how they are big and sturdy, have a full frame, live axle with torquey gears, solid and easy to work on V8, and are cheap to buy and fix.  All of these things are reasons it would make a great drift car!  The curb weight is only 200 lbs more than a new Mustang too!  The interior can be completely stripped out of the car with 4 tools and 2 hours giving you the ability to add a roll cage over a weekend of committed welding.  Plus, the engine can be upgraded completely from the junkyard with Navigator heads and cams and a used supercharger from the Lincoln Super Coupe in the previous post.  I would swap in a stick too, just for good measure.

It even looks menacing standing still!
It's also really easy to get enough to start a fleet!
Now before you think I've completely lost it, be advised that people have already done this idea.  I'm just saying it would be a cheap way to get into the sport.

Or also this:

In my previous post, I also suggested an alternate form of fun with the Mustang: Autocross.  This would take even less work to the Crown Vic to make it a viable option, especially if you're only in it for the enjoyment.

And the groceries flew everywhere.
Personally, I would choose an older model for the higher likelihood of achieving the wonderful sleeper look.  I would get an '80s Grand Marquis in the most hideous of colors...

Hideous: check!
... Then I'd beef up the motor and convert it to a nice floor shifter so I could select the gears better in my automatic.  I'd also stiffen the suspension a bit to minimize body roll, and I'd add electronic exhaust cut-outs to make it loud once I hit the start line.  The key with this car is to keep everything looking completely stock.  It would be the most heinous sleeper out there!

The Grand Marquis in its natural habitat.
Weekday work-goer; weekend Autocrosser.  Life should be so good...

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