Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Annual Traffic Jam in the Dells: Automotion 2016

If you've ever driven through the Wisconsin Dells on the third weekend of May, you'll understand where I'm coming from.  The struggle is real!  The drive down the strip normally takes about 12-15 minutes from the freeway to the big, open intersection on the North end of town where you turn to go downtown (which is really up a hill), but during the weekend, you can expect anywhere up to and sometimes exceeding and hour and a half due to all the cars driving down that road during this event.  It's kinda crazy, yet still cool to see all the cars cruising.

Favorite car of the weekend
Originally, Automotion was a classic car show and swap meet at Mount Olympus.  This year, I think there were five different car shows plus two or three burnout contests, Hollywood on Broadway (where there are several movie and TV cars parked downtown), and even a drift track at a local paved oval.  The main thing that is inescapable, though, is the cruise.  Wherever you want to get, you need to cruise the strip for some portion of your travels.  And that's really the big draw.

That traffic... for three days
People want to cruise and see who and what is cruising.  You can see pretty much anything on the strip.  From concourse restorations to rice burners, rat rods to garage-built works in progress, high dollar to high schoolers, muscle cars to 4x4s, and crotch rockets to trikes and choppers, pretty much every category is covered driving around there somewhere.  You just need to keep your eyes peeled.  There's no good way to explain the diversity at this weekend-long event other than showing you through photography.  The pictures I took were less for the sake of beautiful pictures and more for the sake of documentation, but feel free to look at them to see what it is I'm on about.  It's so fun to sit and watch the cruise or jump in and drive that in three years of attending, I've never even been to the actual show!  Someday, I'll fix that... but I say that every year.

Or I'll just fix my A/C and cruise my car all weekend
Check out all the pictures here.  See other things I've shot here.

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