Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Breaker 1-9, You Gotchyer Ears On? The Iola Old Car Show '16

There has only ever been one time in my adult life that I have said, "I think I've seen enough cars today," and I blame that on heat and dehydration.  That was at the Iola Old Car Show in Iola, Wisconsin back in 2010.  Since then, I've either planned better or grown a higher tolerance (which could be partly due to Hot Rod Power Tour).  Regardless, I returned to the scene this past weekend to see the 2016 variant of the show, and it failed to leave me either unhappy or overwhelmed.  I loved it!

I love this shot.  I love these trucks.  I need one.
The show always has a good variety of vehicles from full restorations to survivors, mainstream to "it's a what?  I've never seen one of those," and concourse to modified.   This year they were featuring two types of cars, classic trucks and Chargers.  I thought I had heard it was classic Ford trucks, but apparently I was wrong.  Even still, there were some sweet old Fords and Dodges and some really cool vintage semis from a few different decades.  Sometimes I wonder how cool it would be to drive around in a classic semi with the matching trailer, but I doubt the amount is get to drive it and its driving pleasure would be worth the expense.

There wasn't a whole lot to say about my day that the pictures won't say for me, other than I accidentally locked my keys and business cards in the car promptly after getting there too late.  I did get to see most of the show, most of the cars that were in attendance, and the fastest AAA response I've ever had.  I did debate trading my Vic for an old bumpside Ford or a '73 Torino GT on the way home, but the visions of Car Craft Summer Nationals the following weekend and the autocross course that lied ahead made me decide that wasn't a great plan after all.

Check out the photos here.

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