Friday, June 18, 2010

S197 Mustang

Ok, so here's one that I've been piecing together for a while that I might actually try to do in time. I would like to find a cheap '05-'09 Mustang to hot rod and probably race.

I would preferably start with a salvage title car. I'm hoping to find a repairable '08-'09 GT500 that somebody tagged in the back. I would get the main damage fixed, and then start trimming weight. I found doors, front fenders, trunk, and a hood out of dry carbon for this style Mustang. I would also try to find side skirts, bumpers, and possibly a carbon roof too, but the glass roof that they have occasionally is pretty cool too, so I might add one of those. I would most likely put on a GT500 KR hood, but I'm not opposed to the Eleanor style, a 2-2.5" cowl hood, the retro Boss 429 hood, or the Cobra Jet hood. I might be swayed to use the front fascia from an aftermarket place too. I would probably go with black and the matte black racing stripes, but the color choices for such a car are limitless as far as nicely appropriated colors.

I would try to thin down the interior to remove weight, but I want to maintain a comfortable, stylish, usable interior because this won't be a strictly track car. I'm definitely going to drive this on the streets too. I would redo the interior in a showy, street race style that would be flashy and have accent panels and lights. I would have to add a kickin' stereo and a roll bar, but I would avoid anything that limits use too much. I would also like to have comfy custom leather seats, but I'd try to save on weight as much as I can. I would also add sound deadening foam under the carpet for the sake of any hopeful female passengers that would want to accompany me. I'd also tint the windows nice and dark because I don't like being watched while I drive by people I'd be passing.

I would most likely go with the Rousch suspension setup or something that might be a hybrid of that - maybe switch some parts out of the set they use. I want something comfortable to drive down the city streets, but yet stiff enough to do road racing or autocross. I really like the GT500 KR rims, but they are really heavy. I'd like to find a place that could make similar ones that would be lighter. The look they give is awesome on the KRs or the Super Snake. The jury is still out on brake systems for such a vehicle, but there is plenty of time to research before I have the money for something like this. Cooper made some special tires for the 2010 Rousch 427R. I think they are the RS3. Yeah, those with a spare set of drag radials for the rear on Saturday night. I also read that you can save almost 22 or 44 pounds by switching driveshafts to a one piece unit. I think they used a carbon fiber one, but whatever is the strongest and still lighter than stock is good with me. I'm not sure what I'd do to the rear end, but I'd definitely want an LSD with a ratio in the mid 3's or maybe a 3.73 or something close.

I read an article in a Car Craft magazine where there's a guy in MN with an '07 GT500 that cranks out around 1000 RWHP with the stock 5.4L 4 valve, a mild cam, a twin screw blower, and a 100 or 150 HP shot of nitrous. He also had a company go through the stock Tremec 6-speed and make it more happy with t's new job description. The Shelbys are closing in on 4,000 pounds in curb weight, but if a guy were to replicate the drive train from that car with an aluminum block and implement the previous diet to the chassis, There may be a chance of dropping down towards 3,000. If I remember correctly, the Shelbys are around 3,800 pounds, but the stock GTs are only about 3,500 pounds. Granted the glass roof weighs more, if used, and the roll bar will add weight, but even if you could simply maintain the 3,500 pound weight of a GT with the power of a Super Snake, that could be a wicked combo on the track and the road on Friday nights.

The best 'Stang for the job would be a Fox, '74+ or the first generation due to the 2,500 pound weight, but the S197 'Stang is superior in strength to the Fox, looks worlds better than the '74+, and has better creature comforts than a '6?. I would say that if you wanted a sweet ride with effective killing power, go with this setup in either a new S197 or a '69 or '70. Either one will lose cops, competition, and tires while gaining fuel bills, amazement, respect, and lewd women. Then you just have to drive home to your mansion on the shoreline and have your hot assistant show her out in the morning while you work on your '32 Model B [another good option for this motor if you don't mind the car not fitting the time period and it trying to kill you every time you punch the gas].

Anybody get the reference at the end there...
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  1. On a side note, I was really happy when they brought back Night Rider and used a GT500 KR. Now, the special effects and mutating and all that I admit were pretty hokey, but I had always hoped they would bring it back with a new car. I was thinking late '90s Trans Am, but when the retro Mustang came out, I thought that would be so awesome to use one of those. especially when they made the GT500 in '07. There was another show that came out in about '06 or so that I don't think stayed around for long that had a guy going around doin' stuff or running from people in an '05 Grabber orange Mustang. There was a scene from the ad where they show him driving away into the night in his car (looked so sweet) while Midnight Rider played by the Allman Brothers. That aided my thoughts of using the Mustang, along with the awesome '05 at the local dealer. GT500 was just a bonus when they actually did it, and a KR, awesome. I might just go watch some '80s re-runs right about now.