Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have another "well aged" idea. Stubby Dodge (or in my slight reality, Ford) panel van, add cool interior like in the '70s and '80s and an awesome paint scheme, install fat tires with cool rims and fender flares, and drop in a kickin' V8.
If I could do this, I found a cheap, fairly decent bodied '88 Ford E-150 with a 300 straight six cylinder and a 3-speed automatic trans. I would put in a table, couch/bed with storage underneath, a mini fridge, and a dual zone kickin' stereo inside with a front and rear sunroof and a design on the roof around them made from hung rope lights. I would do the entire van in blue with black striping. The roof would be matte black while the sides of the body are a performance, metallic blue with porthole windows in the upper rear section of the sides. I'd have a matte black stripe come from a few inches behind the front door and arc up and circle around the porthole. The roof would have blue racing stripes that curve towards the sides in back to line up with the one on the side at the portholes too. Both stripes sets would start out as a strobe effect and gradually get solid towards the rear of the van. I'd also duplicate the stripes inside the interior, but they would tie into the front panels too inside. I'd add a spoiler on the back; nothing ricer, just a little stand-off kind along with a visor in front for more awesomeness enhancement.

I'd add some kind of cool rim and raised white letter tires (I've seen cool looks for this look with Coopers) and moderate fender flares and running boards for emphasis. I'd beef up the rear suspension too like the F-150 from the other day, so I could haul things with it too. I'd be fine maintaining the stock 4.9L EFI six cylinder, but I'd not be opposed to infusing performance with a stroked 351 Windsor based 418 V8 either. Beefed up overdrive automatic trans with a mild stall converter, and I could get into some serious trouble with this thing.
I could score the base vehicle for $200 if he still has it, but my mom won't let me park it in her driveway, so that spoils the idea quite a bit. Anybody want to loan my driveway space?

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