Friday, June 10, 2011

'80s F-150

Once again, I've been a bit too lenient on my "Car of the WEEK" schedule. I need to catch up. I'm going to do a few ideas and then get back to the two I listed and never wrote on back in October.

OK, so I had this idea a while ago when I was trying to barter with a junkyard owner for an old '83-ish F-100 stepside that had a 300 straight six, a 4-speed manual, and 2 wheel drive. He also said he had, as I remember, an early '70s Lincoln 460 with 10:1 compression pistons. With this my mind raced. I thought I should rebuild the 460 with bored out cylinders (for some reason it never occurred to me that this would negate the fact it already had 10:1 pistons) and turn it into a twin turbo truck with a 6-speed stick and the rear suspension of an F-350 for hauling other awesome cars on trailers behind it. I figured it would be an amazing pull vehicle with the ability to haul down the drag strip too. The deal for the truck fell through, and I still haven't had a pickup that ran well enough for daily use, and that kind of bugs me. I figure that trucks are built with such a modular design that it shouldn't be that hard to restore one. That truck could look so cool too.

(Not the truck in question, but food for thought.)
If I had my way, I would build up one of these in a burgundy with a blacked out cowl hood (not a big one, but just enough to get noticed), a chrome two-upright roll bar in the box, a black interior, a turbo net tailgate (because the stock ones are too old looking), and a pair of drag radials under those massive rear fenders mounted on Centerline Warrior wheels.
That would be pretty awesome. Then I need an equally awesome race car to tow behind this...

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