Wednesday, February 17, 2016

AK or Bust: Plans Change

Last April, I decided I should save for a year and go on an adventure.  Summer came, and between all the awesomeness I did and all the money I poured through my car, I pretty much failed at saving anything.  I also have a new-ish job, so I didn't think I'd be able to get away.  With the new year being upon us, I've revisited the concept, and would like to try again for April 2017.  I wanted to build a 4x4 to drive to Alaska, but the other Day I was talking about it with my mom, and she said that I'm aiming too high, and I should just take a Crown Vic because it's something I know, and it isn't the usual vehicle someone would take to Alaska, so it's unique and attention grabbing.
Plus they are fun in the snow!
Originally, I was planning on buying an '83-ish Ranger roller from my friend's grove (well, more of a frame and a bare cab).  I wanted to buy the motor, trans, and transfer case out of a late '80s F-150 with the 5.0 and swap it in and convert it to a carburetor for ease of install.  Then I was going to build a roll cage that would tie into the frame and cab and morph into a tubular flatbed in back.  Finally, I was going to scrap the I-beam front axle and buy a cheap parts Jeep Cherokee and steal the axles out of it for this project (and add an XJ lift) and use the motor for a different project that would happen later (heirloom FC).

Just look at how cool this is.
This was apparently too much.

Enter Crown Vic.

In case you don't know, I'm infatuated with Crown Vics.  If I won the lottery, I'd spend most of it on Vics.
However, I'm planning on taking a Vic to Alaska.  Not just any Vic, mind you, an Ice Vic (which could also second as an ice race car... just sayin').  What constitutes an Ice Vic, you say?  Well first thing's first; I'd have to start with making sure all the maintenance is up to snuff because it's a used police car and all, but then the only way to go is up.  I'm gonna find one of those lift kits for like 30" rims and get some ground clearance, throw on some truck tires, replace the plastic bumper covers with some tube bumpers, and trim the wheel wells to clear the tires during suspension travel.  I'm also going to add a hitch for a tow point.  I also want to build a cradle to mount a winch to that could slide into the hitch.  Then I'll add a piece of square tube in front so I can mount the winch on either end since it is only a 4x2 in the land of the ice and snow.  I'm on the fence about a roll bar only because I doubt I'll need it, but it might find its way in anyways.  Other than that, I'm gonna do some exhaust work and add some radios for emergency communications, and it should be ready to rock!
So in the next year and a third-ish, I'll be saving for travel costs and building this Vic (which is still way easier and cheaper that the Ranger).  As it happens, I'll keep you all updated on here. Can't wait to see how the build goes!
Viva Alaska!

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