Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sno Leopard Part 2: The Acquisition, Sort of

Picking up where we left off from part 1, we went to get it.  For all interested parties, this is what the ad said:
"I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis I am looking to sell.  It has just under 111k miles on it.
The car starts, but seems to need quite a bit of work done.  I'm just not 100% sure what exactly needs to be done.
It starts, but will not push over 25-30 mph.  I got it looked at and was told it was the engine, but they aren't sure what exactly.  And it will cost more for them to diagnose the issue.  I have been looking for a new car anyway, so I figure it's just time to get rid of it now.
There's paint damage on the outside, scratches, passenger mirror missing...  There is some damage inside as well.  Small burn holes in the seat, cup holder needs to be adjusted and fixed, radio buttons are stuck (but radio still works)...  The whole interior probably should just be reupholstered.
I'm not asking for much.  I really just need to rid of it.  I have a junkyard willing to come take it and give me $300 for it.  Just wanted to see if there were other options before I had them come take it.
Contact me at [867-5309]. Text anytime.  Calls before 4pm."

This sounded to me like a dream come true for the project I was setting out to do.  I was giddy as a school girl.  The only downside is I had to wait a week to pick it up.  The guy was cool and said he'd hold it, so all I had to do was survive the week knowing that I got to buy a car at the end of it.  I'm never good at the waiting game with all the anticipation.  Plus I'd had the itch to buy another car for about 6 months now.  It's like chronic herpes; my itch to buy a car flares up pretty much annually.
And how could you say "no" to that face?  For $300!

My favorite phrase: Negotiable Price
I talked to him the day after he posted it (Saturday) and told him the soonest I could be there was the following Sunday.  He told me that he'd hold it for me for a week.  I started getting my ducks in a row.  I realized I was going to be a little short on funds once you add on gas, food, tolls, etc, so I called in a favor from the guy who I helped buy a motorcycle a year and a half ago to spot me the rest of the money, and he was cool with it and coming along for the fun.  I asked a guy at work, and he said he was in with a truck, but I still needed to find a trailer.  I looked and looked, and finally, I found out that my old mechanic (who also happens to rent U-haul) would streamline the operation by coming along with his truck and trailer to go get the car.  This was all looking good by Tuesday, so I sent the guy a txt confirming our Sunday meeting and that all was good on my end.  No reply.

Thursday, I heard from the guy with the trailer that he lost his transmission, but he said he was taking it to a shop to get rebuilt that day, and he was optimistic that he'd have it back by the end of Friday on a rush job.  I wasn't so hopeful.  Friday came, and it was clear his truck wasn't an option.  I asked the original truck guy, and he had already made other plans for that day.  On top of all that, my buddy with the money wasn't feeling up to coming along anymore either.  I txted the guy with the car, and he says he has  to work all day Sunday (because I'm sure he didn't know THAT a week ago...).  I txted him a few more things, and never heard back.  It's been about three weeks now, and I'm still watching for another screamin' deal like that to keep this project almost a reality.  Sounds like that car wasn't supposed to be, but I'm still optimistic for the overall project.

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