Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pollo del Fuego

So I was talking with my roommate the other day and I realized he was wearing a black sleeveless t-shirt that had the Firebird logo on it. I made a comment about how well the car would round out his pathetically '80s vintage look, and he started to have a complete man-gasm (not my word - thanks KT) about how awesome it would be to have the car I was describing to him. I thought about the possibilities for a while after that chat, running over older car ideas I had back in high school. There's also an '80 Trans Am in that new show, the Good Guys, that I started watching on Wednesday. All this made me think that this would be a great candidate for my crappy blog, ergo, here you are reading this.

So for starters, everyone knows the best Trans Am in the history of cars is KITT ('82) followed closely by the Bandit's car ('77). I was originally going to address the second generation '70-'81 models, but I will say that the early '90s third gens are pretty awesome, and I thought they should've made a version 2.0 of KITT with an '02 Trans Am, but that's not what I came here to do today. When I was talking to my roommate, Tooley McJackbag, I was describing my ultimate parts runner, an '80 T/A T-top, matte black with a 455, 5-speed, Centerline Auto Drag wheels, drag radials, and a roll bar right behind the B-pillar. Just an average, crappy yet potent ride for everyday screwing around. I'm sure Tooley pictured it restored and far more amazing than I was, but then again, I'm sure he wants to look just like when Adam Sandler goes back to school in Billy Madison.

The second thought I had along these lines was to get an older F-bird and make it into an amazing dive-bomber with a bored and stroked 455, 6-speed, nitrous, maybe a blower, road race suspension, and a complete retro resto-mod finish inside and out so its feathers look mostly stock, but beats the heck out of anybody who dares try to snatch its eggs. I'd more than likely go with the classic black and gold or gold and black paint and decal theme. I'd probably go with one of the '74-'78 styles, but there is a little bit of me that wants a white and blue '72 with the classic Cragar SS wheels. This would eleviate the T-tops because I don't think they'd added them by that point, but any other year would definitely have them. Then there's also a little part of me that thinks I should get a '70-'76 Formula because of the awesome twin scoop, ram air-style hoods that they put on them. Th Formula looks cool, but there's more of a classic report to having a T/A. Either way, it'd be a cool, fun car to have on hand for sunny warm days in WI on those twisty roads through the hills and trees.

Side thought: How do announcers at all GM drag races keep themselves from using cock fight references every time two fire chickens come up to the line? I know I wouldn't be able to control myself...

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