Monday, October 4, 2010


So i had this idea a few years ago. I thought it would be cool to build up a '67 Galaxie 2-door hardtop that was long, low, and fast as all get out. I had a catchy little phrase; I was going to call it Fallout because "it could outrun a nuclear fallout." I thought this up because I had a mental image of the car driving around, doing cool maneuvers on tape with an older looking film feel and the song Fallout by the Police playing.
Since then, I've noticed that I don't like how swoopy the rear end of the '67 hardtop is. This created a problem, because I absolutely love the front end. I needed to find a different model year that encompassed all the awesome of the '67 (or most of it) while getting rid of that wonky rear end.
The '68 was right out for suitable replacement bodies. The '63.5 and '64 were timeless styles, but were too old for the style I want for this build concept. '65 was an awesome model with all of its straight lines and sharp angles. Pronounced lights on both ends made it still look commanding in the rear while having that aggressive, "driving force" "pushing forward" look in the front, but something about the overall package of the '65 made me feel like it was too forced and cheesy. Enter '66. This model had a more streamlined way of pronouncing the front and rear lighting and kept most of the beauty of the long, straight body lines from the '65 while adding a little bit of "new model flare". It ruined one line towards the bottom of the sides where, as it reaches back, the trajectory falls to the bottom of the body. Also, I would've liked to have the pointy grille of the '67, but that is an exclusive from that year, so I'm stuck without it or having an odd-looking back end. The '66 really is the most stunning replacement for the '67 which would be far more stunning, but I wouldn't be able to live with that rear fascia. One other thing I love about the '66 is the B-pillar and how it curves outwards as it goes down. I also love that they did that with the '66-'67 Fairlane wagons too. Really cool looking.

I just figured out how to add pictures. Epic Score!!!

So, I would take this magnificent body and make it faster than a nuclear fallout, or so the line goes. In case you haven't noticed the trend yet, I'll simplify what I would do to most cars. I would find the biggest way to bore and stroke the biggest engine they make that would fit in this (in this case a 460 made into something that starts with a 5), put on a [blower or turbo] (in this case a twin turbo system), nitrous, and hook it to a 6-speed manual. Now, normally I would continue by talking about beefing up brakes and suspension (oh, right, I'd put on some big 4-wheel disk brakes from some aftermarket place, probably Baer), but with this specific car, I would only tighten up the stance I'd presumably get it in (high, stock front and a saggy butt). Now, I can only guess what you and anybody who knows the trends in custom car stances would be saying by now, "What are you smokin'? When does that ever sound like a good idea!?!" Just hear me out. Assuming I would also leave the original paint with its gloriously weathered patina, this would help tremendously with accomplishing that sleeper look. Granted, I'd make it safe and add some old school rims, but think how amazing that would be to have a barn-fresh-looking full size '60s boat pull up next to you at a light, and completely waste you? You'd have to do a triple take. Also, to go along with the boat idea, when flying down the highway, it just feels right to have it a bit pronounced in the front especially with the way that grille smiles at the cars it approaches from behind, Jaws music playing, ready to devour as it overtakes them. I think that if I made this car and passed you with it, you'd understand where the crazy idea came from. Anyway, that's basically how I'd rock that one, but I gotta get going; I have more crazy catastrophes to out run.

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  1. I have since forth decided that the '67 rear end isn't that bad, so I should just use that.